• Entertainment

    Waterfront café has restarted its FREE LIVE JAZZ and entertainment Weekend Nights. Click here to see our entertainment schedule.

  • Lunch & Dinner

    Our kitchen will now operates Monday to Thursday from 10am – 5pm and Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 5pm until 10pm. We have our usual extensive starter menu, tapas choices and a variety of seafood and fresh fish choices.

    To make it even more interesting for our lunch-time guest, Waterfront Café has extended its main course salad menu to offer a lighter choice that is still satisfying.  With our WORLD OF SALAD choice we highlight salads from Asia, the Mediterranean, South America and the Caribbean. Of course, there are lots of choices for the vegetarians.

    Click here to see Our Menu!

  • Tea Parties

    Tea parties may be arranged by reservation : 3pm to 5pm $24. Pot of Tea 3 savory and 2 sweet tea eats

  • Scarlet Lounge

    New is our Scarlet Lounge which caters to events ranging from seminars to birthday parties and even weddings!  Please contact Susan Walcott or Jacqueline Roach at 427-0093/426-1038, email waterfrontcafe@caribsurf.com or visit Scarlet Lounge for more information.

Without a doubt the success of the Waterfront Café has only been possible through your patronage and support over the many years. For that we are grateful and hope that you will continue to join us into the future.