Casual waterfront dining at its best. The afternoon sun disappears behind the careenage buildings and a gentle breeze keeps one cool even on a steamy day. The veggie samosas, the bajan fish cakes are excellent appetizers. The Flying Fish and cucu is excellent, best on the island IMHO. And, the pepperpot is spicy enough to clean your pores out with sweat!

Don't miss the rum punch. One of the best in the island! Slow (Bajan style!) service but always very pleasant. The best place for lazy lunches on the island.
Hardeep Johar
The location is the best in downtown Bridgetown. You are right in the middle of everything. We didn't go for dinner when all the music was going on, so I can't speak for the nightlife or dinner. However, we did lunch here twice and loved the food. The service was typical for island time, so you will be waiting a while. There is great local art on display here, and it is mostly all for sale. The sandwiches are really, really good, especially the salmon. It's hot as hell during the summer as they do not air condition the dinning area. Overall though, for lunch it is pretty good, just expect to pay dinner prices.
Brent and Emily
My husband and I visited Barbados in August and dined at this restaurant our last night there, August 21. We had a wonderful evening! The waitstaff was so pleasant and friendly. I think here and at most restaurants in Barbados, the evening starts off being a little formal or "stiff" but once you joke a little and are a pleasant and respectful customer, you receive excellent service. If there is an issue (there was not for us), remember to be direct and mannerly. You won't encounter any problems with staff. Our meals were absolutely wonderful. Truly a highlight of our trip. Also, before you go to Barbados, perhaps 6 weeks before, you can request online to get the Barbados Dining Discount Card which entitles you to 25% off the check.(Barbados Dining or something similar). I can't remember if it's the total check or just the food portion but it doesn't matter. The prices are very reasonable, it's a delicious meal and it's 25% off! This card can be used at a number of Bajan restaurants. All of the restaurants honoring this card were excellent, too. We ate al fresco but you can eat indoors if you prefer. It is very peaceful by the water.

If you don't enjoy yourself at this restaurant, it's your own fault! This is a wonderful place to dine and have a leisurely, delicious and romantic meal.
R Santoro